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Businesses will only grow and invest in Lancashire if they know their people and goods have access to an efficient, fully integrated transport network.

Easy access to all points of the compass

The county’s transport connectivity is first class, with the M6 forming the north-south spine of our road network while the M65, M55, M61 and M58 radiate out to East Lancashire, the Fylde, Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

Rail links are equally efficient, with the West Coast Main Line placing many areas of Lancashire within a three-hour train journey of London. Both Manchester and Liverpool International airports are easily accessible from all parts of the county and Blackpool Airport serves as a Category III airport.

New transport body drives further growth

The creation of Transport for Lancashire means major road and rail investments will be channelled by local representatives in a way that will drive the county’s economy by facilitating business growth and job creation.

Transport for Lancashire represents a new era for transport strategy and will result in significant government funding being handed to local decision-makers. The LEP Board makes investment decisions on transport projects on a regular basis.

The Lancashire Strategic Transport Prospectus

The prospectus identifies our long-term strategic transport requirements and the opportunities and constraints on growth over the next twenty years, as well as the more immediate interventions needed to stimulate Lancashire’s latent potential.

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