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The ‘Strategic Outline Business Case’ sets out the need for intervention (the case for change) and how this will further ministers’ aims and objectives (the strategic fit).

It provides suggested or preferred ways forward and presents the evidence for a decision to be made. The LEP will then decide whether or not to proceed with the scheme.

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Resources Blackpool Bridges - Strategic Outline Appendix A - Blackpool Bridges Drawings Appendix C - Blackpool Bridges Cost Estimates Appendix D - Blackpool Bridges Risk Register Appendix E - Blackpool Bridges BCR Calculations Appendix F - Expenditure Profiles and Programme Appendix G - Blackpool Bridges Location And Strategic Linkages Appendix H - Blackpool Bridges Benefits Realisation Plan Appendix I - Blackpool Bridges Organogram Appendix J - Blackpool Bridges Letters Of Support Appendix K - Distributional Impact Appraisal Screening Appendix L - Blackpool Bridges SDI Additional Information Read next Blackpool Integrated Traffic Management