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Creating sustainable skills and employment to drive prosperity is key to Lancashire's future.

Supported by the Lancashire Skills and Employment Hub, the Skills and Employment Advisory Panel has primary responsibility for skills development priorities in Lancashire.  Membership of the Panel is made up of representatives from the education and private sector.

The focus of the Hub and Panel is to create the conditions for a balanced, skilled and inclusive labour market to underpin economic well-being and growth across the LEP area.

The Hub has commissioned research on behalf of the Panel that has built up an evidence base of the skills requirements for Lancashire’s key sectors

The Hub has used the evidence base to develop The Lancashire Skills and Employment Strategic Framework 2016-2021 which sets out the county’s skills and employment priorities.

As part of the Growth Deal programme the LEP has invested approximately £27 million in skills facilities across Lancashire.

visit www.lancashireskillshub.co.uk for further information

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