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The scheme is a proposed bypass for Broughton village which is located on the busy A6, close to the M6 and M55 Junction 1.

Broughton is located approximately three miles north of Preston and 2.7 miles from a proposed large scale housing development at Whittingham.

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Resources Broughton Bypass Full Business Case 18 Sept 2015 Appendix A Scheme Drawings Broughton Bypass Part 1 Appendix A Scheme Drawings Broughton A6 Part 2 Appendix B Statement Of Case Appendix C Model Forecasting Report Appendix D Broughton Bypass LMVR Part 1 Appendix D Broughton Bypass LMVR Part 2 Appendix E Policy Review Appendix F Economic Appraisal Report Appendix G Appraisal Summary Table Appendix H Distributional Analysis Appendices Final BB Appendix I TEE Economic Efficiency Of Transport System Appendix J Environmental And Social Appraisal Appendix K Broughton Bypass Risk Register Appendix L Section 151 Signed Letter Appendix M Scheme Programme A6 Consultation Programme Appendix N Infrastructure Delivery Project Board Procurement Strategy Appendix O Monitoring And Evaluation Plan Appendix P Broughton Bypass Communications Strategy Read next Pennine Gateway – North Blackburn