/ News / Eden Project to host engagement event ahead of Morecambe planning submission

· Eden Project North planning application due to be submitted later this summer

· Formal three-week engagement event to feed into planning application

· Engagement event launched with a special design-themed edition of Eden’s community conversations


A stunning virtual room based on the Rainforest Biome at the Eden Project in Cornwall will be the venue for the latest engagement event around the plans for Eden Project North in Morecambe.

The virtual Eden Project North engagement event, which runs from Friday July 16 to Friday August 6, will feature a video introduction from David Harland, Chief Executive of Eden Project International.

The event will give people the opportunity to see the latest plans for the project and formally offer feedback.

This feedback will then help shape the Eden Project North planning application, which is due to be submitted later this summer.

The “room” features tropical plants, a geodesic dome and Eden’s iconic sugar truck.

To mark the opening of the event, Eden will host a special edition of its series of Eden Project North community conversations themed around the design of the project and featuring David Harland, Eden’s design team and representatives from Grimshaw Architects.

This conversation will take place at 1pm on Friday July 16 on Zoom and a recording will be made available after the event.

Further Eden Project community conversations have been confirmed for the remainder of 2021 and are now open for registration.

David Harland said: “This is another important milestone on the road to Eden Project North becoming a reality and we hope this virtual format enables us to engage the biggest section of the community under the current circumstances.

“My first trip out of Cornwall this year was to Morecambe last week and there remains a real buzz about creating the project that everybody wants. We’re really looking forward to welcoming as many people as possible to our virtual Eden and hearing what you have to say to us.”

Anyone can access the event any time throughout the consultation period through a web browser running on a computer or mobile device.

Eden has kept in touch with Eden Project North supporters with a series of online community conversations, designed to keep the community up to date with the latest developments and enable regular access to the Eden team.

A programme of conversations has been confirmed for the remainder of the year:

Friday July 16, 1pm (register at https://edenproject.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZEscuyoqD4pEtSi7KlgYocNNtqe6y3EHT1b)

Friday September 17, 1pm (https://edenproject.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZIpce2oqTIiG9IEdbcBdLgwA9r1eVr2NCVb)

Friday October 15, 1pm (https://edenproject.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwvcOmtqTgpEtdyqGOY276f1MJ2y0BF8V6D)

Friday November 19, 1pm (https://edenproject.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYlceGupj0qH9IFdJBBszmcKnY41ElTMK3p)

Friday December 17, 1pm (https://edenproject.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZcsd-qqrD0pG9K6RFwVZMH2JNZBloh5jx7Q)


To visit the virtual consultation event, sign up for future community conversations or view previous community conversations, see www.edenproject.com/north.

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