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New plans to tackle congestion in Preston city centre are due to come into effect ahead of the busy Christmas shopping period.

From Monday 31 October, Lancashire County Council is introducing a permanent ‘no right-turn’ at the junction of Butler Street and Fishergate.
A bus-only section is also being introduced on Fishergate between the junctions with Butler Street and Corporation Street. This will be at the end of the existing bus lane, heading towards the city centre.

A new camera will monitor this bus-only section from Monday 31 October. Drivers who misuse the bus lane will be issued with a £60 Penalty Charge Notice.

A new bus-only section will be trialled on Fishergate between Mount Street and Corporation Street, from Monday 31 October, 11am to 6pm. Only buses and taxis will be able to use it.

Traffic leaving the St George’s Centre car park will use Chapel Street, reducing the need to travel along Fishergate by taking people out via Avenham.

County Councillor John Fillis, Cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “These proposals should help to improve people’s journeys through the city centre. We’re taking action to address concerns and encourage people to continue to visit Preston.

“Traffic congestion in and around the city centre has been an issue at peak times for some years, especially in the run-up to Christmas, but we’re working hard to tackle it.

“Along with helping the current situation, improving access around the city centre will also attract more business investment in the future, which boosts the local economy.

“Around a quarter of drivers are currently ignoring the Butler Street restriction and have continued to turn right. This causes queuing and increases the time it takes people to leave the car parks. This permanent change aims to improve the situation and reduce people’s journey times.”

The one-way traffic on Mount Street will be reversed, allowing traffic to head away from Fishergate. Garden Street will also become one way from Mount Street to Winckley Square.

The existing parking for blue badge holders on Theatre Street will relocate to Fox Street.

These changes will initially be introduced for six months for a period of consultation. After this time the measures will be reviewed, along with any responses from the public and local businesses.

The new plans were put forward following extensive traffic modelling and discussions with Preston BID, Preston City Council, Virgin Trains, the managers of the Fishergate Centre and St George’s Centre, and managers of other city centre retailers/businesses.

The work has been funded by Lancashire County Council.

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